Jonathan Groff in speedos for HBO’s The Normal Heart

When I accidentally read spoilers for a show I really like
My life lately



you asked, we delivered.

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This makes us happy. 

When I see my friend talking to a cute guy across the bar
When my alarm goes off on Monday morning
That is so great to hear! I am not involved. I think it will be an incredible movie. In my dreams, they would find a completely unknown cast of young people and discover the songs and story anew with them, just like they did with us.
Jonathan Groff on the news that a film adaptation of Spring Awakening will reportedly begin production this summer (x)


Are we going to see another Scream film?

"I don’t think we’ll see it again. I know they’re doing a TV show for MTV that I just read about, but originally they’d talked about Scream 4 being the beginning of another trilogy, but once we made it, it was such a challenge to do a good job with it,…